Request purchase is a two step process allowing a learner to request that their manager pay for a course they are interested in.

Purchase requests can be turned on through your Portal Settings.

  1. Click on your name in the right hand corner

  2. Press Portal Settings

  3. Click on Configuration

  4. On "Payments" Click the Enable Purchase Request Checkbox

  5. Scroll to the bottom and press save

Creating a Purchase Request as a user can be really swift and easy. 

Step 1 :

 A Participant chooses "Request Purchase"

  • Selects Manager from a drop-down menu

  • Click "send"


Participant receives message:

Waiting for approval!

Your payment has been sent and waiting for approval.

If the participant does not have an assigned Manager, the following message will appear: "You do not have any managers configured on your account’" and the send button will be unavailable.


Step 2 

Manager receives message:

New purchase request!

[User name] has requested that you purchase [Course Name]  for them.

Total cost is [$cost] AUD.

You can view further details at [link to course in GO1]

Please note, the user will be notified.

Please process the purchase request

Accept  /  Reject (Manager clicks to select)


Once the Manager clicks ‘Accept’, a pop-up box shows allowing credit card payment.

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