To add a single user

  1. Click 'your name' menu in the top right of the portal
  2. Click into 'Administer'
  3. Select the 'User' tab
  4. Click the '+Create' button located on the right hand side
  5. A new user form will appear, fill in the required information then select 'Add'

Required Account Information when adding a new user
Email: Users email address
First Name/Last Name: This name will appear on reports and emails sent to the user
Roles: The level of access for this user in the system
Managed by: Option to assign the user to a manager. The manager will be able to report on the user.
Status: Active/Blocked, this will determine whether the user is active or inactive and if they can have access to the portal.
Send welcome email: A welcome email will provide an initial login link for the user in order to allow them to set up their password.

You can also import users using a CSV file by clicking the “…” to the right of the Create button.

Creating a User without an email address

All users require email addresses to join a portal as this is the primary method of identification linked to an account. 

If it is not possible to obtain an email address for a user, then a free email account would need to be set up in order for the user to access the portal. 

Mailinator, for example, offers free email accounts which can be utilized for the set up process of a user who has no access to emails.

  1. Create free email address
  2. Create user
  3. Add in the the temporary email address as user's email
  4. Access the inbox of the free email account to access the welcome email
  5. Set up user password to access the portal as normal

Editing a Users Status - Manager, Content Admin, Admin

In order to add a new Manager, Admin or Content Admin they will need to be an existing user. Please review the top of this article for how to create a user

To edit a user to a manager: 

  1. First, click into Administer 
  2. Now Click "Users". 
  3. From there, you would search for the user you wish to adjust to manager.
  4.  Click on the down arrow to the right of their name and then "Edit", 
  5. Within roles in the pop-up box, ensure "Manager, Admin or Content Administrator" is ticked. 
  6. Press "Save"

To assign a User to new managers:

  1. Return to the Users Page
  2. Locate a learner for the manager you wish to edit. 
  3. Click onto the arrow next to their name and select “Edit,” 
  4. Click "managed by" to see a drop down box. 
  5. The new manager will be an available option and adding this will allow for data analysis on the direct report.

Content Admins will now have the ability to update any material listed on the site. 

Admins will have full access to do anything the site requires. 

This video goes over how to update a manager

Active VS Blocked

There are two different statuses that your users can be set in.

The first is an Active User which is someone who can freely access the portal and holds a license within your system. These users are also indicated by value '1' when uploading via CSV.

The second, an Inactive User (Blocked), is one who has not accessed their portal in 6+ months or has been marked inactive by an administrator within the portal. They can also be editing by bulk uploading with value '0' via CSV. An inactive user does not hold a license within a portal. 

Both Status can be updated on the Users info page.  

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