Importing bulk users via CSV can add numerous users at once and save you the trouble of adding large amounts of users individually. 

  1. To begin, you must head to Administer
  2. Click Users 
  3. Click on the “…“ next to "+Create". This will provide a drop-down box and provide the option of "Import". Click into this and you will be presented with an option of uploading a document from your computer (in the bottom lefthand corner you can download an example CSV template if you are unsure of the format). 

By using this CSV template, an admin can copy and paste data into the respective fields within the spreadsheet. The provided columns need to stay in the same position and represent the following data:

Email - Email address of user
First Name/Last Name - Name of user
Status - Active or block. 1 = Active. 0 = Blocked.
Manager - Email address of manager
Group - Back-end group ID (number can be found in the group URL). This field can be left blank.

The CSV option can also bulk update existing users.

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