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How to edit multiple users via CSV

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Just like with an upload, users can be edited/updated in bulk via CSV.

File format:
If you are unsure of the file format, follow the example CSV file found by going to "Administer" > "Users" and clicking on “…“ > “Import”. You will see an option to download a sample at the bottom left of the resulting pop-up box.

The list of data columns will already exist on the spreadsheet, so you will just need to input the relevant data requiring updating. (Note: the sample CSV file here is different to sample CSV files found in other tabs as different data gets updated.)


  • To begin, input the First name, Last name, and email addresses of the users requiring any updates. 

  • Ensure to put data in the status field as leaving the 'status' field blank will automatically deactivate the user.

  • Then, add data to any column which requires updating for that user. Any field which does not require updating can be left blank. 

As an example, if you were to adjust the status of bulk users, you would input all email addresses in the first column and add values to the "Status" column for each user only. 

Once this has been done, you can upload the CSV document to the same “Import” area in “Users” and this will update all relevant fields.

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