There are two options available for assigning learning to a single user - using Explore tab or within the user’s profile itself.

Option 1 - Explore Tab

  1.  To begin, click into "Explore" 

  2. locate a course or learning resource you wish to assign. 

  3. On the right-hand side of each course tile, you will see a “…“ Click it

  4.  Select “Assign.” 

  5. (Alternatively, you can open the course page by clicking on the tile, and you will find the “…“ on the righthand side of the page from which you can select “Assign Learning.”) 

You will be provided with an option to enter in the name of a user, as well as adding a due date if you like. This will then assign it to the user’s My Learning page and they will be notified of this date.

(Note: Interactive Resources open if they are clicked on, so you will need to use the "..." menu and select "Assign," or "Settings" to go to the overview.)

Option 2 - User Profile

  1. Click on your name in the right-hand corner and Head to "Administer"  

  2. Click "Users" and search for a user you wish to assign learning to. 

  3. Click into the user and you will see "…" next to “Edit” on the righthand side. Click on this.  

  4. Select “Assign learning” and a pop-up will show which will allow you to search for the course or learning item by name.

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