Occasionally you will find your need to enroll users into a course. This can either be done on a user by user basis or you can enroll users in bulk. 

Enroll users into a course

There are two options available in order to enroll users into a course or learning item. This can be achieved through both Explore search results, a user's profile, or the course report itself.

Search results

  1. To begin, search for the course you wish to enroll a user in from the search field in the main navigation, or via Explore. 

  2. From the search results, select the elipsis (...) button next to the course

  3. Choose: Enroll Other Users

  4. A window will popup, containing a field through which you can search for a user by name or email address. Select their user account. You can continue to search for users and add them to this list.

  5. Select the button Enroll to enroll the specified users into the selected course.

User profile

  1. Click your name in the right corner

  2. Press Administer, then click Users

  3. Find the user you wish to enroll, and click on their name. 

  4. You will see an option for "…" next to “Edit” on the righthand side. 

  5. Click Enroll Learning

  6. By selecting “Enroll learning” a window will popup will show which will allow you to search for the course or learning item by name

  7. Select Enroll to enroll that user into the selected course.

  8. The popup will remain open, allowing you to enroll the user into further learning.

Course report

  1. Locate the course in which you wish to enroll users

  2. From the Course Overview, click on the tab Reports

  3. From the reports, select the button Enroll users...

  4. A window will popup, allowing for you to search for and select as many users as you would like to enroll. You can select one user, some users, or the checkbox at the very top of the table, you can select all users who are not yet enrolled. You can also see the users with a completed enrollment in the course, should you wish for learners to re-complete the course.

  5. Each user will then be notified of this and the enrollment will appear in their My Learning area.


To enroll users into interactive learning items, the process is slightly different because clicking on a tile for an interactive learning item in Explore will open that item directly.

Begin by finding the interactive learning item you need, as normal. On the right side of this learning item, you will see an ellipsis button (…). Select this button and select "Enroll" from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, click on Settings and go to the Results tab where you will find an + Enroll users button. Then follow the steps above to enroll users into that learning item.

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