Images within the portal need to meet certain criteria to appear correctly. It is best to add a high quality image in accordance with the below recommended guidelines for pristine appearance, even across the largest of monitors. These dimension guidelines will prevent auto-cropping and image stretching.

To edit or adjust these images.

  1. Click on your name in the right hand corner

  2. Click on Portal Setting

  3. Click Theme and you will see the current images stored which users will see. 

  4. To change these, click on the red "X" symbol which will now provide an upload section to drag and drop or source an image from your desktop.

All images are accepted in JPG, PNG and GIF formats with a max size of 5MB.

Ideal Image Dimensions:

Dashboard Banner (What you see when you log in)
1920 px Width x 300px Height

Dashboard Image (Mobile only)
400px Width x 600px Height

Login Logo (Logo seen at the login page)
600px Width x 400px Height

Login Background (Image across the background of the log in page)
1920px Width x 1020px Height

Dashboard Icon (Icon seen on the dashboard, clicking this will also take you to the homepage)
50px in height minimum.

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