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Removing a user
Removing a user

How to deactivate an active user

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There may come a time when a member of your team should no longer have the ability to access their user account.

Whilst Go1 Platform does not support the ability for you to delete users, you can deactivate or "block" a user, and this will remove them from any active reports and block their ability to access learning from that point onwards.

  1. To do so, log in to your Go1 Platform

  2. Select your avatar from the main navigation, followed by Administer

  3. From Administration dashboard, select the tab Users

  4. Once the Users report has loaded, locate the user you wish to deactivate by searching for their name or email address

  5. Once you have located the user, select the arrow to the right of their name

  6. From the dropdown list of options, select Edit

  7. A window will pop up with the details of that user

  8. Scroll to the bottom of this window and change the status from Active to Blocked, then Save.

  9. This user will now be automatically filtered out of the reports on your Go1 Platform, and will not be able to access learning or reporting if they attempt to log in.

  10. Should you wish to view a list of deactivated users, you can do so by updating the user status filter on your Users report from Active to Inactive.

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