Table of Contents

  • Signing up to the Xero GO1 Offering
  • Setup the Xero to GO1 Integration
  • Manage Xero to GO1 Integration 
  • Data Flow Diagram
  • FAQ 

Signing up to the Xero Integration
GO1 has a special offer for all Xero customers whereby they can sign up for GO1 through the Xero Marketplace and get 5 free GO1 premium courses and a new GO1 portal. 

During setup, you can also import all your Xero employees into GO1 and assign them the 5 courses.

Setup the GO1, Xero Integration

1. To setup the GO1, Xero integration navigate to

2. Click to "Create an Account" and fill in the details on the signup page

3. Login to your Xero Account 

4. Confirm the Xero organisation you wish to use if your account has multiple and confirm that you wish to allow GO1 access

5. Preview your 5 free courses 

6. Confirm you wish to Import users and assign courses to them 

7. Get Started in GO1

Manage the GO1, Xero Integration

1. Login to your GO1 portal and navigate to the 'Integrations' page

2.  Click on 'Configure' for the Xero  addon

3. On the 'Xero - Overview' addon page you are able to view information about the integration 

4. You can click across to the 'Settings' tab to view basic information on how the integration is being used and can disconnect the integration

5. If you click to import users from Xero on the 'Overview' tab it takes you to the Users management page where you have an overview of your current users and the option to import from Xero

6. After Clicking to import users it gets you a brief overview of users that will be imported from your Xero system as well as highlighting those who cannot as they do not have an email address associated with them

7. After importing Xero employees you are able to come back and redo this whenever is needed as you add more users into your Xero system up to a total of 200 users

Data Flow Diagram


What Countries does the Integration support

Currently the integration only works for US and Australian companies using Xero.

How do I disconnect GO1 from Xero?

There is no ongoing connection between Xero and GO1. If you wish to cancel your GO1 portal or remove your employees from the Portal please contact the GO1 support team for assistance.

What doesn’t your integration do?

The integration syncs data only once when you setup a GO1 account. Adding an employee in Xero after setting up a GO1 portal will not add that user to the GO1 portal. It does not transfer any data other than employee records: First Name, Last Name and Email Address to GO1.

When and how does data sync occur? Is it manual, automatic, on login, in real-time. Are there any settings related to synchronizing?

The data sync occurs only once when you first create a GO1 account. After that there is no data update between Xero and GO1.  

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