In this tutorial you will learn how to search for courses and learning resources within Explore. 

To begin simply select Explore from the main menu. 

Once inside Explore you are able to use the search bar to find learning resources. To find the exact item you are looking for you, you can use quotation marks ("") with the exact course or standalone learning item title to open that resource. 

To filter the courses that appear once you have searched for a keyword like 'Compliance' - you are then able to use the 'Tags' tool on the left side of your screen. The tags tool is a great way to filter down a more consumable amount of courses that are more directly related to what you are hoping to find within that Keyword. For example: you could search for 'Compliance' - from here you can click 'Tags' and only display Compliance courses that have the associated tags to Privacy.

You are also able to 'Sort By' courses according to Latest, Most Popular, Alphabetical, or Most Relevant. 

You can also search by the type of file whether that be "Course, Events, Awards, Interactive, Videos, Document, Links or Text"

Another Set of filters are:
Topics - To Filter by a certain genre or learning
Tags - To filter by associated tags for courses
Providers - To filter by Specific Content Provider
Price - Filter by Free or Paid
Language - Filter by Language
Status - Status of an already assigned or Enrolled course
Duration [NEW] - The length of time that item will take to complete

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