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Updating User Information (Incorrect Emails etc)
Updating User Information (Incorrect Emails etc)

What to do if you mistype a new user's email address

Updated over a week ago

If the incorrect email address was typed when adding a new user to your portal, it means the user would not have received a welcome email and would not have been able to set up a password.

Luckily, Content Admins and admins have the power to update a users email. This would be the fastest and easiest way to solve this problem.ย 

  1. Update a Users Email

One way to rectify this is to set the account associated with the incorrect email address to 'Blocked' in their profile settings, making the account inactive. Then, create a new account with the correct email address.ย 

2. Blocking account.

GO1 cannot change and save a user's email address without consent due to security reasons, so requesting to change the incorrect email on our end would require user email verification.

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