Before you Begin

  • Only Portal Admin and Content Admin can create group 

After you've selected 'Group' from the top navigation 

  1. Select '+ Create' button in the right corner 

2. Input all the mandatory fields, into the Group Creation modal popup
3. Select 'Create' button 

Important! At this step, the group 'Visibility and access' will be set to Private, meaning that only management and group members (added to the group) can search and access the group 

4. You will see the 'Details' tab in Editing Group page
5. Add / update the Group details  

6. Select 'Save' button (top-right) to see the group overview page. 

Once you have created a Group, when you select Groups from the top navigation, you will see:

  • My Groups tab -> Groups displayed in 'My Groups' tab would be groups that you are a member of or the group owner or group manager of. Private groups. 
  • Explore Groups tab -> These are public groups on your portal. 

*The latest created group displayed on top of the tabs.

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