Administrators have the ability to enable coupon codes, offering their users a reduced purchase price for courses.

IMPORTANT: Coupon codes can only be applied to courses created on the portal, that are purchased with a credit card.

Get started with coupons:

To enable, click on your user name and select 'Portal Settings'. 

Select 'Configuration' on the menu of the left and tick 'Enable Coupon' under Payment.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click 'Submit'. 

Coupon codes are now enabled on your portal.  

To create a coupon:
o back to your username and select 'Administer'.

A 'Coupons' menu should now be visible on the screen. Click on it and select 'Create'.

A form will be presented, work through it to create the coupon. 

  • Name: Name of the coupon for reporting
  • Promo Code: Code to be entered at checkout to apply for discount. This can be randomised by clicking the generate random code checkbox.
  • Discount: Ability to apply a percentage or dollar discount
  • Applied To: Whether the coupon can be applied to an individual course or all courses within portal
  • Expires: Apply the date of expiry for the coupon by clicking on the calendar
  • Number of Coupons: Number of times coupon can be used
  • Usage per user: Amount of times a user can use coupon

Click 'Add' and confirm the details on screen. You can come back at any time and edit or delete the coupon here. 

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