Selecting or updating your topics of interest
Setting Your Preferences so we can recommendations the best content for you
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We at GO1 want to help you on your learning journey, but to do this, we need to know a little more about you. This is why we have our topics of interest, so you can easily  complete your profile and receive targeted recommendations to grow your knowledge field - as seen below:

Selecting your topics (as a new GO1 user)

When you first log into your organisation's portal, you will be directed to select topic areas that you are interested in learning more about. You will be able to choose from a list of more than 20 GO1 content topics. 

By selecting these topics, it will help us know more about your interests, so we can provide more personalised learning suggestions on your dashboard and in the fortnightly learning recommendation email.

  • You can select as many topics as you want. 

  • If you cannot find your interests in the default topics shown, click on Show more topics button to expand to see all available topics.

  • If you want to select topics at a later date, simply hit the Skip button.

After selecting topics, choose the Dashboard button to start learning.

Selecting/Managing your topics (as an existing user)

If you have not previously selected topics of interest, when you next log into your portal you will be prompted to choose topics via the Get Started button. You will then arrive at the account settings > recommendations page, where you can select your topics. 

  • If you select the I'll do this later button, it will hide this block for two weeks. 

In the account settings > recommendations page, click on the Tell us more about you to get better recommendations button to add your interests.

If you have previously chosen interests on your GO1 portal, head to account settings > recommendations, to update those interests.

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