What's New: 

With this update you can quickly search for learning from anywhere in your portal. 

All GO1 users will now see a streamlined portal navigation which includes a universal search bar available from all pages. We've made these updates to help you more easily navigate the portal (on any device) and make sure you can search for learning from anywhere in your portal. 

What's changed:

Dashboard View on Large device:



  • Search bar sits on the top navigation (visible on all pages from within the platform). It expands when you begin searching. 
  • Explore and Groups are the key functions available from the left-side of the top navigation. 
  • My Learning; Teams; Teaching - have moved to the right-side of the top navigation, depending on your device size they may move into your user menu. 
  • Setup Portal is no longer visible from the top portal - but visible from the Settings Page. 

The menu updates

Learner view:

  • Settings > Replaces Account
  • My portals replaced by the Switch Portal option which takes you to the My Portals Page.  
  • Help  - Links to here: help.go1.com

Admins view - you will also see:

  • Settings (Under Administer) Replaces > My Portal Settings
  • Insights (coming soon)

Search from anywhere on the portal 

The top search bar is expandable as you search:

Feedback: product@go1.com

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