Early access release date: 21st August 2019. 

The new Insights Feature is your playbook for addressing key training gaps in your team. 

Feature benefits for Portal Admins (Including Content Admins)

  • View a snapshot of key portal insights; this includes user management insights as well as insights on how your portal engaged with with key content topics in your industry. With the option to view key user management reports
  • Understand how your organisations learning compares against other organisations from the same industry and region. 
  • GO1 will also suggest relevant content items grouped by topic for your portal based on your portal activity to help you know what your team should be learning.  With the option to quickly assign suggested content to individual users or groups. 
  • As part of this release you can also enable a monthly email notification on your portal - which will send a roundup of each months insights.  

What you need to know:

  • Admins will have a new item in the menu called Insights. 
  • If you have content restrictions on your portal - the Insights will suggest content outside of what's enabled in your portal selection and we make it easy to quickly add recommended content to your  selection. 
  • You can manage the monthly email via Portal Settings > Notifications ( it is off by default). 

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Reminders! To have better recommendation, you should update your Company location and Company industry from your Portal Information settings. 

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