What is the GO1 for teams app?

GO1 for Teams on the Microsoft application MS Teams is a tool that can help you keep track of your learning and search the GO1 catalogue without having to leave the Teams application. It is designed to be a learning assistance bot that you can send commands and questions to, in addition to using the bot in group chats to search and suggest courses for your fellow team members.

How can I install GO1 for Teams?
To install GO1 for Teams, firstly open the MS Teams application and click on 'Apps' in the bottom left. 

  1. From here, you can search 'GO1' to find the GO1 app.
  2. Click on the app and then 'Install'. Once the app is installed, you will see a pop up and if you select 'Open' for the Bot option to go straight to the bot.
  3. If you wish to come back to the bot at a later time, you can go to your Chats and see GO1 there. You can also click on the icon with three dots in the left sidebar and select GO1 from there.

What can I do with GO1 for Teams?

The bot has a range of commands. You are able to access some of them as an anonymous user, but will have access to all of them when you log in.
Anonymous users can see a quick tour, log in, register, search the GO1 catalogue or leave feedback. Logged-in users can see a fuller tour, search the catalogue, check their assigned, in-progress and overdue learning items, leave feedback or log out.

How can I use GO1 for Teams in group chats?

To use GO1 for Teams within group chats with your teams, you simply need to tag the bot by typing '@go1' and selecting the correct result. Once the bot is tagged, you can send it all of the commands available to you either as a logged-in or
anonymous user. This way, you can quickly share your learning progress or search results with your team members. 

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