New to GO1? 

You can sign up to GO1 directly from our website and quickly create a portal for your team. During the sign up process, you will have the option to enable a Premium content trial on your platform as well. 

Sign up here or contact GO1 for a detail product demonstration.

Complete the sign up form to generate a portal:

Firstly select who the portal is for: 

  • If you are signing up your team to GO1 - select the Team option.
  • *If you are an individual learner please sign up for an individual account - read how to do that here.

Complete your details to create your account. 

  • Choose your product: Platform or Premium
  • Select Try it Free to trial over thousands of GO1's most popular off-the-shelf courses.
  • Complete your portal details - this includes creating a unique portal URL. 

Once you have selected your product type (either Platform + Premium) and created your portal - you will then be prompted to input your credit card details. 

Next, choose your team's topics of interest - these will shape the content suggestions you first see when you log into your portal. You can change the topics once inside your portal.  

Now you're ready to start learning! 

You have arrived at the portal dashboard and you can begin learning, or continue configuring your portal for your team. 

Next steps

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