The 1-Player enables users to undertake learning across all courses and standalone resources in one standardised interface.

GO1’s content player, will open once you've clicked into a standalone learning item or course. 

It can be opened from all locations where an item or course can be clicked on, including the following locations:

  • User dashboard

  • My Learning

  • Explore

  • Groups (assigned and shared learning)

  • Links, when users are given a link to items and GO1 automatically redirects the user to 1-Player for that item

  • Emails, by clicking the link contained in 'You have been assigned/enrolled' emails

  • Notifications, by clicking on 'You have been assigned/enrolled' notifications

Once the player has opened, you will be able to view a summary of the resource before choosing to start learning. The description is provided by the author of the resource. 

You will be able to view a description of each module that sits within a course. The module description is provided by the author of the resource. 

  • Use the arrow in the top right of the description box to view or hide the course/ module description while you are viewing the learning item.

  • You can see the duration and learning status in the top right corner. 

  • Module and course due dates will also be visible. 

Leaving the player? 

Click the X in the top left corner and it takes you back to the page you opened the player from. 

Resuming your learning?

Come back into the player and continue learning with your status saved.

For learning items where a learner should confirm they have completed the resource, the button to mark learning as completed is always in the same location. 

Supported Learning Item types in the player:

  • Interactive / Video / Document / Weblink / Text / Integration / LTI / Quiz / Assignment

Events will redirect users to the relevant event page.

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