GO1 has recently added a new security measure to ensure the safety of your account when you have multiple portals. We have added this step as apart of our ongoing efforts to protect accounts from misuse.   

What does this mean for me?  

When you navigate to 'View all portals' from the drop-down menu on your portal -  you will be presented with a new screen asking you to enter your password.

Enter your password to verify it's you and be taken to your list of portals.

Note for SSO users:

  1. From a SSO portal to a non-SSO portal:
    If you are a Single Sign On (SSO) user with multiple portals, when you switch from a portal with SSO to another portal (that doesn't have SSO) you will need to enter your GO1 password. 
  2. From a SSO portal to another SSO portal
    If you only login through SSO, your GO1 account does not have a password stored for you. To allow portal switching to work, you will need to set a password on your GO1 portal account.
    To set your GO1 password - click your user icon and select account settings:

Set a password of your choice:

The password will be remembered and you can freely switch between your different portals. 

If you can't recall your password, you will need to update it from within the GO1 interface. We suggest that you use the forgot password prompt on the portal you are trying to login into. Please enter the email address you use for SSO to generate a new password. This will only work if you have previously set up a password for your GO1 account.

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