As part of our ongoing work to help you easily browse the expansive GO1 content library and discover content right for your needs, we are trialling (in early access) a new update to the Explore tab.  

What is the update?

Some Premium GO1 users (randomly selected for early access) will notice an update to their Explore tab. Users will now see 5 topic blocks at the top of the Explore tab, which when selected will take you to a landing page dedicated to that topic.  

Whilst it is in early access, we are looking forward to learning more about how this update might benefit your experience discovering content using GO1. we think the topic-based landing pages will help you easily explore GO1's library and is great for new GO1 users or user's interested in undertaking self-directed learning.

Premium Topics:

5 of GO1’s most-used content topics are now available for you to browse through. 

Topics are:

  • Personal development 
  • Safety and Compliance 
  • Business Skills
  • Technology skills
  • Sector-specific*

*Sector-specific is defined as content tagged as relating to specific sectors, as opposed to general content for all users. 

Premium Topic landing pages:

When you select the topic you are interested in learning more about, you will be taken to a landing page that will help you explore that topic in more depth. 

From that landing page you can:

View a list of specific topic blocks related to your chosen interest area. When you select the topic-block it will take you to a search results page, automatically filtered by that topic and sorted by relevancy.

View newly added content that relates to that topic. These are courses from a variety of providers most recently added to GO1 Premium.

View the top three most popular topics and the recommended content for each topic. You can easily begin learning straight away! 

What do I need to know?

This release is only applicable to GO1 Premium customers and will only showcase content available in your portal.  

If you haven't been randomly selected to be part of the early access trial, your Explore tab will remain unchanged for now but the update will be coming soon to your portal!

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