In order to purchase a learning resource using the funds from My Wallet, you will need to first submit a purchase request

Once your purchase request has been approved, the funds specified will be allocated to your digital card. You can then use this digital card to purchase the requested resource.

In order to then access your payment details:

  1. Login to your GO1 account and navigate to My Wallet.
  2. Hover over the digital card and select Show Details to view the payment details.
  3. Select the credit card number to copy that value.
  4. Input the cardholder name, expiry date and CVV specified on the digital card
    in order to finalise payment.
  5. If a billing address is requested, select Billing Address? from the digital card to access the billing address specified by your organisation.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will have the option to upload an invoice to the transaction within My Wallet

Select the resource name to view the details of that request. From the request page, select the more button, followed by the option to Upload Invoice. From the popup, upload the invoice details to the field provided. This invoice will be available for your manager to view within Sunlight.

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