You can manage the connection between your GO1 Portal and Sunlight by navigating to the Integrations area of your GO1 Portal. To do so, select your name from the primary navigation, followed by Integrations from the dropdown menu.

From the Integrations page you will see a section labelled Sunlight My Wallet.

Enabling your integration

If you have not enabled the Sunlight integration, select to Connect.
You will be prompted to log in to Sunlight using your GO1 user account. Enter the username and password you use to log in to GO1, then click to proceed. 

If you log in to GO1 using an identity provider, such as Microsoft 365, you will need to request a password reset from Sunlight to log in to that application. 

Once you have logged into Sunlight, complete the setup of your organisation's Sunlight account, within the Sunlight application.  To find out more about setting up your Sunlight account, see the Sunlight Help Centre.

Once connected, you can access Sunlight at any time by returning to the Integrations page and selecting the button Access Sunlight, or by navigate directly to

As soon as your integration is enabled, the My Wallet tab will be visible to all learners in your GO1 Portal. Once credit card details have been added to your account within Sunlight and a budget has been added for your users, your learners will then have the ability to begin requesting resources.

Disabling the integration

From the Integrations page within your GO1 Portal, select to Disable. You will see a popup asking you to confirm if you wish to proceed. Click to confirm and the integration will be disabled, hiding the My Wallet tab from the learners on your GO1 Portal. 

Your Sunlight account will still exist and all of the requests submitted by your learners will be stored, so you can re-enable the integration at any time. 

To manage your Sunlight account, navigate to Sunlight directly. For any questions regarding the management of your Sunlight account, please contact the Sunlight support team through the live chat facility available within Sunlight.

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