This article covers how to set up the Go1 Teams app with your Microsoft Admin, so that you can deliver an amazing learning experience within Microsoft Teams! The set up is incredibly easy, and should only take a little time to get set up.

Set up with your Microsoft Admin

For the app setup, you will need someone with admin rights to your organization’s Microsoft Account to complete a few simple steps. In this article, we’ll call that person the Microsoft Admin. If you’re not sure who has these admin rights, just contact your IT team.

Have your organization’s Microsoft Admin search for the Go1 Teams app in the Teams app store. Once they click Add, the app will be added to their personal Teams environment.

The Microsoft Admin will see a Chat message from the Go1 bot to introduce the app.

The first step in the setup is to connect a Go1 account (portal) to the app and authorize the Go1 app to easily set up learning in Teams. If your organization doesn’t yet have a Go1 account, don’t worry! It’s completely free to set one up and only takes a few seconds.

Type "connect" to get started.

If your organization does not yet have a Go1 account, simply click “Create free account”. If you do have an existing Go1 account, click “Login”.

The Go1 account connection then occurs, and your Microsoft Admin will be asked to authorize the Go1 app connection via the standard Microsoft SSO screen, along with a simple explanation of what the app will be accessing in order to deliver an amazing training experience. If your Microsoft Admin has any questions about this authorization, they can email [email protected].

You can link your Microsoft Admin to this help article which details the below permissions: 'Go1 Microsoft Teams app: Security permissions explained'.

Select your email address to connect:

You will then be presented these permissions:

Once you have accepted these permissions, you are ready to go!

If you are an existing Go1 customer and you have the “Login with Microsoft” feature enabled, the Go1 app should recognize your email account, and you will not need to enter or select your email address.

After this authorization, the Go1 app is available to any individual in your organization, but learners will still be asked to click "Sign in with your Microsoft Account" to grant consent to the app.

The Go1 bot will then ask your Microsoft Admin if you’d like to connect a learning management system (Canvas LMS) to the Go1 app. Connecting an LMS is not required to use the app; much of the app’s features do not require an LMS connection (see more details on the app’s features here). However, there is additional functionality of the Go1 app that is available if you connect a LMS. For more detail on what connecting Canvas will allow you to do, as well as how to connect Canvas to the Go1 app, see here.

If you have already connected Canvas to your Go1 account, the Go1 app will recognize this.

That’s it! Your Microsoft Admin has now done everything they need to, and you are ready to set up learning spaces within your teams.

Create spaces for learning (Learning tabs) in teams

The Learning tab is a convenient place within Teams to find, consume, share, and discuss learning resources. Team owners are able to quickly and easily set up the Go1 app for any of their teams, via direct chat with the Go1 bot. This setup process for a team will add Learning tabs to each channel of that team.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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