If your organization uses a Learning Management System (LMS), you can connect it to the Go1 Microsoft Teams app. This connection will allow you to:

  • Create channels in your teams from the structure of learning resources in your LMS

  • Easily pull learning resources from your LMS into Teams (including automatically structuring these learning resources in Teams based on the structure of learning resources within your LMS)

Other functionality of the Go1 Teams app will be available to you and your organization, regardless of whether you connect an LMS to the app.

When you set up the Go1 Teams app, the app will recognize if you've already connected an LMS to your Go1 account. If you haven't yet connected an LMS to your Go1 account, you’ll be asked if you:

  • Would like to connect an LMS to Go1

  • Would like to use the app without a connected LMS (you can always add an LMS connection later)

The individual who connects an LMS to your organization's Go1 account will need admin privileges in Go1 and in your LMS. For any questions about this, please contact [email protected].

Based on the pressing need for remote education at this time, Go1 has made Canvas the first LMS to be able to be connected to the Go1 Teams app. For more information on connecting Canvas to the Go1 app, click here.

More LMS connections will be available soon. If you'd like to provide input on which LMSs should be added, please reach out to [email protected].

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