This article covers how to connect the Go1 Microsoft Teams app to your organization's Canvas LMS. This connection will save team owners a lot of time when setting up teams. The connection enables automated Teams channel creation based on course modules in Canvas and pulling in associated learning resources.

This setup is entirely optional, and should only take a few minutes to complete. 

You must be both a Canvas admin and a Go1 admin to complete this step. If you have any questions on being a Go1 admin, please contact [email protected].

You must also have completed Setting up the Go1 Microsoft Teams App.

Once you have completed the basic setup flow to connect your Go1 portal and Microsoft account to the App, you can (optionally) add Canvas by typing the command "connect lms" in direct chat with the bot.

You will be redirected to the Go1 Integrations screen. Scroll down and enable Canvas.

Scroll up and go to the Canvas Integration screen in Go1. Follow the instructions to get your Canvas developer credentials:

  1. Login to your organization's Canvas account as an Admin and go to Developer keys

  2. zsdfsafasdfs

Create a new developer key using the + Developer Key button, following the example below. Copy the client Id and client secret highlighted below.

Return to the Go1 Canvas Integration screen and copy paste the newly created credentials.

  1. Enter the domain where you log in to your Canvas account in the Domain / Environment field

  2. Enter the client id and client secret that you retrieved in the step above.

Click Connect.

After clicking Connect, a Canvas login screen will open. Login to Canvas, if you are not already logged in.

Authorize the Go1 Microsoft Teams app to use your Canvas account.

After you authorize, you will be redirected back to Go1. You can now close this window and return to Microsoft Teams. Canvas and the Go1 app are now connected!

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