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How to determine what URL to whitelist for a Go1 course
How to determine what URL to whitelist for a Go1 course

If your IT security is strict, you may need to look into whitelisting course specific URL's for everything to run smoothly.

Updated over a week ago

If you encounter further whitelist issues with specific learning content, your IP team can sniff the request URL and domain using Chrome developer tools to add these to their firewall themselves.

To do this, follow these steps:

Open Chrome, login to your portal - and navigate the problem course, and click the call-to-action for it:

You'll now be directed to our player, where you'll see either 'Start' or 'Resume'. Do not immediately press these, as we now need to launch the developer tools to monitor the network traffic:

On your keyboard, press F12 for the developer tools, and click on the 'Network' tab:

Now go back to the player, and click 'Start' or 'Resume'. This will fill up the developer tools with entries showing the communication between your setup and our content. Visually check if there is any network traffic to URLs not already whitelisted:

Once you've identified a request to an URL not already on your whitelist, you can then forward a request on to your IP security team to have that added.

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