A. Download your certificate as a learner from "My Learning" page:

1) First, you're going to want to login to your learning portal, and click "My Learning" on the top right -> then click "completed" tab in My Learning page- > see the course you would want to download the certificate

2) Once done, click the 3 dots in the course you want to print the certificate
And click view certificate. Click the below image to see where each step takes place.

B. Download your certificate as a learner from the "Course" page:

If a learner has completed the course fully, the learner can download the course certificate straight from the course page also. To do so:

1) Visit the course page
2) See the "overview" tab row -> at the end of this row, the learner will see 3 dots
3) Click for the "complete history" tab
4) Click that and the learner will see a pop up appear showing the certificate -> scroll down -> click "download" and save the certificate as pdf to your device.

​Video guide: https://www.loom.com/share/efd3878dd077431cb9c91a59632ca01e

C. Admin to download learner certificate from Course/Enrollment Report page:

You can follow below guide on how to print your learner certificate :
1) Log into your dashboard
2) Click your name in the top right hand corner of the portal
3) Select ‘Administer’ and then click on ‘enrollments’
4) Go to the user who has passed -> click on the three dots below actions -> select ‘view certificates’

​Video guide: https://www.loom.com/share/c7cb7813ccb5411191f568d28c68ff87

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