We are thrilled to offer Go1 Me, a browser extension, through which learners can now discover, complete, like and save their favorite resources from around the web, and have that learning recorded against their Go1 user account.

This is an effective tool to help employees and organizations manage their organic, informal learning outside of traditional methods such as classroom, face to face, and eLearning, which can be easier to measure.

Capturing informal learning that takes place ensures organizations have a holistic view that reflects the breadth, depth, and evolution of employee areas of interest.

Benefits to me

You can use the feature to save resources from around the web to engage with at a later time - and choose to share these resources with people in your organization.

Benefits to my organization

As more people in your organization use the feature, you will gain insight on trends in the topics your learners are engaging with outside of formalized learning programs. Behavioral data is then used to generate insights for you and your organization to inform development planning and other strategic initiatives.

How to get started

Access Go1 Me from your Go1 Platform

I don't have a Go1 Platform, can I still access Go1 Me?

Discover learning through Go1 Me

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