Due to this new feature being a core part of our Go1 Platform, you will need to ensure your learners create login credentials to access this feature if they do not have access to the Go1 Platform. There are two ways to gain access to Go1 Me:

The Go1 public platform

  1. Ask your learners to create an individual account from www.go1.com/me

  2. Please note that if you chose this option, insights and trends will not be organization-specific.

Your organization-specific platform

  1. Consult with your Go1 Customer Success Manager to create a Go1 Platform for you, if you don't have one for exporting content across to your 3rd party system.

  2. Direct your employees to create an account on the log in page of your Go1 Platform, or bulk-upload them yourself, so they may confirm their login credentials for Go1 Me.

  3. Direct employees to www.go1.com/me to then use these organization-specific credentials to log in. Although this step takes a little longer to set up, your insights and trends will then be organization-specific, benefiting both your team members in discovering learning through their peers, and yourself in better understanding the learning trends of your team.

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