Do you need your team to complete some training against a particular course or resource? Through the Go1 Platform you can assign that learning, then manage those assignments as those learners progress towards their due date.

Please note that this functionality is currently only available through our manage assigned learning beta program. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like access.

Keep scrolling, or use the quick links below to learn how to:

  1. Assign learning

  2. Manage assignments

  3. Edit assignments

  4. Delete assignments

Assign learning

To get started, log in to your Go1 Platform as an administrator or manager.

Search for learning you would like to assign, then select the ellipsis (...) button next to the result you would like to assign.

A window will pop up through which you can specify individual learners to assign to that content. Managers will only be able to assign learners they already manage.

Then set a due date; this can be based on a number of days or months, or you can choose a specific date.

Select to proceed. The selected learners will receive an email notification about their new assigned learning.

You can also assign the learning from our new Manage screen, which is available from that same ellipsis button mentioned above, and from a new Manage link on our Course Overview display.

At the top of the Manage display, you will see a banner notifying you of the number of people on your Go1 Platform who are not currently assigned this course or resource.

Expand this banner to access a link to assign learning to those learners. Select the button: Assign now.

A window will pop up, showing a list of these learners.

Select all of the learners shown using the checkbox at the top of the popup, or manually select, or deselect learners from this list using the checkboxes to the left of each learner.

Specify a due date, then select to proceed.

Your selected learners will then receive an email from Go1, informing them of their new assigned learning, and they will learners will now appear to your Go1 Platform administrators within the Assigned section of this course or resource's Manage page.


  1. At this time, you cannot assign a Group to a course or resource through our new assign and manage learning flow.

  2. You cannot assign an award to learners through this flow.

Manage assigned learning

Want to see who's done what? Head to the Manage display for a course or resource to see who's already assigned and who's doing their own self-directed learning (meaning they're learning that content without having been assigned it).

For each learner you will see:

  • If they were assigned the learning:

    • The date they were assigned that course or resource

    • Who assigned them that learning

    • The due date for their learning

  • If they commenced that learning, the date they started learning

  • If they completed that learning, the date they completed it

(Screenshot of Manage)

Please note:

  1. If a learner has been assigned a due date using a completion rule on the course, the name of the assigner will show as Deactivated.

  2. If a learner has been assigned to a course or resource via a Group or the assign option on that learner's profile, they will not appear within the Manage interface for that course or resource.

Need to find someone in particular? From the search at the top of the list of learners, you can find an individual using their name or email address.

Filters are also available to find learners assigned this content within a timeframe, or those that commenced learning the course or resource within a particular date range.

(Gif of using search and filter on Manage)

You can also drill down to see how the assigned learners are progressing towards their due date by using the options in the left navigation.

(Gif of selecting Assigned from left navigation)

You can export a record of completed learning assignments by navigating to the Completed tab within Manage, Assigned, or Self Directed. The exported file will show all completed learning against that course: both those assigned, and self-directed.

Edit assigned learning

Do your learners need a bit more time? Not a problem, now you can quickly update the due dates for your learners in one go by drilling down on one of the sub-tabs in the left sidebar. For example, head to Assigned > Overdue to manage those that have exceeded their current due date.

Then select the top checkbox to select all learners within the table, or select/deselect individual learners using the checkboxes to the left of their names.

(Gif of Assigned > Overview, selecting learners)

From the bottom of the page, you will have the option to re-assign or edit assignments:

  • Edit assignment means we'll retain any progress those learners have made on this content; you're simply changing the date by which they need to complete it.

  • Re-assign, in contrast, means that the learners selected will need to commence the content again from the beginning. This is handy for things like annual recurring training your team must complete.

    Important!! Please navigate to the report for that course or resource and export the historical records before reassigning, as only the most recent record will show in the Manage and Report displays.

Once you have selected Edit assignment or Re-assign, you will be asked to specify the new due date for this assigned learning.

(Gif of Reassign modal popup, saving)

Once done, hit the button to confirm. Your Manage display will then update to reflect the new due date you have specified for those learners, and we'll notify your learners of this new date via email.

Note: You can also edit an individual learner's assigned due date by selecting the more (...) button to the right of their record, then Edit assignment.

Delete assigned learning

If learners have been incorrectly assigned to a course or resource, you can remove them from that learning's Manage page.

Navigate to the tab relating to the learners you need to remove, such as Assigned > Not started.

Select the checkboxes next to the individual learners, or choose the checkbox from the top of the page to bulk select everyone shown.

From the list of actions available from the bottom of the page, select the more (...) button, followed by Delete assignments.

Once you have selected to delete assignment(s), a window will pop up prompting you to confirm if you are sure you wish to remove that learner from being assigned to this learning.

Select to confirm. Once done, then refresh the page. The learner will no longer show within the list of assigned learners on this course or resource.

When you delete an assignment, the associated learner receives an email informing them that they are no longer assigned that content.

You can also remove individuals one by one, by selecting the more (...) button to the right of their record, followed by the option Delete assignment.

Note: If the learner had commenced learning against that course or resource, after deleting their assignment, they will then display under Self Directed.

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