You may wish to follow up with learners in order to remind them of an upcoming due date or to let them know that they are overdue in completing mandatory learning. This is possible to do via the Manage feature in your Go1 Platform.

Get started by logging in as an Administrator or Manager.

Locate the learning content you wish to manage by searching for it from the search bar in the top navigation.

From the list of search results, find the course or learning resource. Select the more (...) button from the right of that item, then tap Manage.

From the left sidebar, navigate Assigned to see everyone who has been assigned learning to that course or resource, then drill down by status you want to follow up: those who have Not Started, are In Progress, or Overdue.

From the list of learners associated with the learning status you selected, tap the checkbox to the left of the learners you want to contact, or choose the checkbox from the very top of the list to select everyone with that learning status.

From the list of actions in the bottom action bar, select the more (...) button, followed by Send reminder email.

A window will pop up in which you can enter the details of the message you would like to send:

  1. Specify a subject line for your email.

  2. Input a message relating to the action the learners must complete; either commencing and completing their learning by the due date, or catching up on their learning if their due date has now passed.


Within the message text area you have access to a selection of formatting options, including headings (H2), subheadings (H3), bolding, italicizing, underlining, strikethroughs, quotations, hyperlinks, and numbered and bullet lists.


Both the subject line and message can contain "tokens" - these are dynamic values specific to your Go1 Platform, and to the learner receiving the email. You can tap on a token from underneath the message text area to copy it, then paste it into the subject line or message where you would like for the dynamic value to appear.





The learner's first name



Typically the learner's email address

[email protected]


The name of your Go1 Platform as specified within the field: Settings > Portal information > Portal name

ACME Learning Hub


Directs the learner to the Go1 generated link to your Go1 Platform's login or registration page if the learner is not logged in, else their dashboard if they are already logged in.


If you have specified a special domain for your portal, this link will show, else this will show the same value as !portal_url


A one-time URL the learner can use to log in to their Go1 user account without having to specify their password. This can be helpful for those who don't frequently log in, as it removes a barrier to them gaining access and completing the mandatory learning.


Once you have written and proofed your reminder email, tap Send. The message you have specified will then be sent to the learners selected.

Need to change who's getting this message?

From the top of the Send Reminder Email window, you will see a tally of the number of recipients selected, for example: "12 recipients selected".

First, select, copy and paste into an offline document the contents of the message you have written, as it will not save if you exit away.

Then, tap the pencil button to the right of the recipient tally. This will close the Send Reminder Email window, allowing you to select or deselect learners from the recipient list before completing the process above again.

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