Note: The Go1 app for Slack is currently in beta and is not generally available. Please speak to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to join the Slack beta group.

The Go1 app for Slack makes sharing easy so that you can keep your workforce engaged and minimise the time wasted switching between apps by delivering learning in the flow of everyday work.

From the Home tab in the Go1 App, you can see your assigned, in-progress, and completed learning. Learning displayed in the list can be shared with channels or individuals by clicking on the button 'share'.


When sharing with an individual user - the Go1 app for Slack won’t post to a private chat, but will instead notify them via their Messages tab in the app.


Search for the channel you wish to share with, add a personalized message for the channel and then click 'submit'. This will post a new message into the channel, notifying users in that channel who will be able to see the course card to play or share further.

Private Channel

If you try and share content with a private channel. then the Go1 app for Slack will need to be first added to that channel, to give it permission to share there. If you don’t do this - you won’t be able to share, and will receive the following error:

To add the Go1 app for Slack to the private channel, follow these steps:

Find the channel you wish to share to - and open its properties:

Navigate to ‘Integrations’ and click ‘Add an App’

Search for ‘Go1’, then click ‘Add’ next to the App

You will know this has been successful if you see the following message in the channel:

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