What is a bundle?

Bundles let you combine content together and sell them as a package. You can create multiple bundles to fit your customer needs and track the success of your bundles.

Creating a new bundle

To create a new bundle, navigate to Bundles, click on the + create bundle and name your bundle.

Click on the “Resource” tab to manage the content available on your bundle.

The panel on the right will display all published resources from your library. Click on the items to add the desired resource to your bundle.

The panel on the left will display any resource that has been added to your bundle. Click on the bin icon to remove resources from your bundle.

Disclaimer: All changes to bundles are live updated. If a bundle is shared with portals, any changes you make will automatically affect portals with access to the bundle. Go1 recommends that you manage your customers' expectations when updating bundles and communicate with your customers if you are planning any changes to your bundles.

Managing an existing bundle

To manage your bundles, navigate to bundles, to rename an existing bundle click on the ellipsis (…) and select edit title or to edit resources from an existing bundle click on the ellipsis (…) and select manage bundle resources.

Disclaimer: This is a beta version. You can only edit your bundles from your own content. If you see a name of a bundle on the table list without the ellipsis (…) option, that means you cannot edit it. Click here to leave your feedback here under Partner Hub.

How many resources can I have in a bundle?

Bundles support up to 50 items. If you need to create a larger bundle, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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