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What's new September 2022
What's new September 2022
Find out what's been released in the Go1 Platform this month!
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Today we’re releasing a number of valuable improvements to the Go1 Platform.

  • Auto re-assignment on courses so you can set-and-forget your learning

  • An improved way for learners to submit feedback on courses at completion in the player

  • A new Insights page to view all learner feedback to improve your L&D programs

  • Send the Welcome email to all users in bulk, for effective onboarding and launch of Go1 Platform

Feedback upon course completion

For all Go1 learners, we have modernised the course completion experience to make it easier for users to provide ratings and depth of feedback. There is now an improved survey to improve quality and relevancy of courses to users. For learners taking their courses in the Go1 Platform, we have elevated course recommendations to help learners know what to do next and inspire continuous learning, within the player.

Greater user insights and feedback, in one place

Admins will be able to see what courses their learners are liking, disliking, saving, sharing, and the comments they leave in the course completion survey. They can also see reporting issues on content they have created.

The aim is to drive insights into learner preferences, by providing administrators data against individual learning resources. You can then validate the satisfaction of the learning experience of your employees and make improvements to your learning programs. Learn more here.

Auto-reassign on courses so you can set-and-forget your learning

Automated reassign is now available against course types only, so Administrators can set-and-forget learning that needs to be repeated in a repeatable timeframe. This timeframe can be mandated by their organization’s governing body, or internal organizational policy. Often this is annual recurring compliance training. Learn more here.

Send Welcome email in bulk to users, for effective launch and onboarding

Previously, the Welcome email used to send to new users as soon as they were added to the Go1 Platform. Now, you can choose when to send the Welcome email to a cohort of users, to give you more control over launch and onboarding activities, and support your workflow effectively.

Navigate to Administer > Users report, and select the users you wish to bulk-send the Welcome email to.

Want to be involved in shaping the future of Go1?

Join our research group to be included in 1:1 interviews, prototype testing, and other activities to help improve the experience of using Go1!

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