Content Curation Tool

This month, we are excited to share a new and faster way to find the right content for either as part of launching Go1 for the first time, or on an ongoing basis to support your learning programs.

The new Content Curation Tool allows Admins to generate hand-curated Playlists in the Go1 Platform to meet your learning needs to then share, export, and learn.

Leveraging the Go1 Content Curation Team's expertise and staff picks, you can be confident that you are being recommended the best quality and most relevant content.

Learn more here.

Improvements to Playlists for everyone

You can now access all your Playlists from the new 'My Playlists' tab from the Dashboard.

Within a Playlist, you can now reorder learning, and add learning using our new Explore sidebar, among other updates.

Learn more here.

Want to be involved in shaping the future of Go1?

Join our research group to be included in 1:1 interviews, prototype testing, and other activities to help improve the experience of using Go1!

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