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Sharing content to the Marketplaces

Understand how to publish your content to the GO1 Marketplace.

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Before you Begin

  • Portal Admins and Content Admins can share any content created on their portal to others 

  • Content Authors can share only their content to others

Part 1: Input additional attributes

You are viewing the Edit Content page. 

  • Select Visibility and access button on top right corner. 

To share the content to GO1 marketplace:

  • Select 'Share' button next to the Public option  

Input values in mandatories fields:

  • Duration - how much minutes/hours you think that learners should be committed to your content

  • Marketplace tags - your content will be in what categories

  • Marketplace availability - your content should be available in what countries

Select Submit to marketplace

Note: Duration field on this Marketplace form is the same as the Duration field on the 'Details' tab. This field becomes mandatory when users would like to publish this content on GO1 Marketplace 

Part 2: Content submission review

After submitting your request for your course to be available through the GO1 marketplace, you will be able to view the status of the request within the Visibility and access form. 

  • If Content Team approves the content, the Public option is in Currently shared with no Marketplace status. 

  • If Content Team rejects the content, you will see the Public option is not in Currently shared

Information: Currently, once submitted the content to Content Team to review and approve, users can not update fields like 'Marketplace tags' or 'Marketplace availability' since these fields are only available on the Marketplace form.  To update the value, please remove the 'Public' share setting first, then redo the described process from this part again. 

To remove the request from content to be on GO1 marketplace 

  1. Select Visibility and access button on top-right

  2. See the 'Public' option is in 'Current shared' with 'Pending Review' status 

  • Select 'x' next to 'Public' option 

  • Request is now removed 

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