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Too many failed sign in attempts lockout
Too many failed sign in attempts lockout

Locked out of your account due to too many failed attempts? We can help!

Updated over a week ago

Admit it, we've all forgotten our password sometime or another and have resorted to using a "forgot password" function to get it reset. We at Go1 have such a feature on our sign in page which will send you an email with instructions right away.

However, if you have too many failed attempts to log in, we will put a temporary lock on the account that is IP based. This is a security feature we have implemented to stop people from trying bulk password attempts with the goal of breaking into someone's account.

If you have too many failed attempts, you will be prompted to reset your password which will be the only way to log in moving forwards. You will receive an email with simple instruction to reset your password and after you have reset your password, you'll be good to go.

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