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Browser and Device support
Browser and Device support

Understand what browser and device you need to learn through Go1

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What browser can I use to access Go1?

The following internet browsers are supported:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 68 or later

  • Google Chrome: Version 76 and later

  • Safari: Version 11 and later

  • Microsoft Edge and Samsung Internet

We encourage using the latest stable version of your chosen internet browser for an optimal learning experience.

Please note: Following Microsoft's announcement of the end of support and planned retirement of Internet Explorer, as of July 30th, 2021, Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Go1.

Are there any software requirements or plugins required to use Go1?

Go1 uses HTML5, Javascript, and other common browser-based technologies - and requires no additional plugins or software beyond a modern browser (Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge).

Does Go1 support learning via a mobile or tablet?

Go1 utilizes a fully responsive web design, that is fully compatible with browsers on desktop, tablet, and mobile experiences.

Does Go1 have a native Android/iOS app?

Go1 does not have a native mobile app - instead, we utilize a responsive design available through modern internet browsers to ensure compatibility across all devices.

How do I know what browser and device I'm currently using?

Websites such as can help you quickly understand your internet browser and device settings, and provide an easy way for you to share that information with your IT team for further support.

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