Go1 has developed a pre-built connector for SuccessFactors’ Open Content Network (OCN) so that Learning Items from the Go1 Content Hub (our eLearning library) can be delivered directly to the SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS).

The integration enables users to view Go1 Learning Items from the Content Hub within SuccessFactors, and when selected, are connected via SSO to seamlessly consume the learning within the Go1 Platform. Consumption data is fed back to SuccessFactors for central reporting and tracking.

Once Learning Items from the Content Hub are exported to SuccessFactors, they behave like any other Learning Item in SuccessFactors.
For instance, they can be made available in catalogs, programs, or curricula, as well as be assigned or recommended to users via Admins or Managers.

When the user clicks on content in SuccessFactors, they will be taken to the Go1 Platform to access and complete the content. Completion status will be reported back to SuccessFactors for each learning item and updated in the learner's SuccessFactors' Learning History.


To set up the SuccessFactors integration, the customer must have:

  1. A portal on the Go1 Platform

  2. An unlimited Premium subscription to the Go1 Content Hub

  3. An SAP SuccessFactors Learning Module integrated with their BizX instance

  4. Completed the configuration steps in this document

  5. Configured Go1 as an OCN provider

Access every article below to configure SuccessFactors with Go1:

  1. Overview | Integrating SuccessFactors with the Go1 Platform

  2. Add Go1 as an OCN Provider in SuccessFactors

  3. Configure the SuccessFactors integration in Go1

  4. Set up SSO to the Go1 Platform

  5. Content export and learning experience

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