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Go1 Microsoft Search integration
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Setting up your Go1 Microsoft Search integration | Part 1
Setting up your Go1 Microsoft Search integration | Part 1

Deliver training resources from your Go1 Platform right within apps such as Sharepoint,, and Bing using the Microsoft Connector.

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This article has been written for the Go1 Platform Administrator, and Microsoft Global Administrator and Microsoft Search Administrator (if different from your Global Administrator) within your organization as all roles play a part in the setup of this integration.

Part 1 - within your Go1 Platform

Go1 Platform Administrator

  1. Before you connect the Go1 Platform to your Microsoft account, ensure the Microsoft Global Administrator within your organization is an Administrator within the Go1 Platform, so they have the correct permissions.

Microsoft Global Administrator

  1. As the Microsoft Global Administrator, navigate to your avatar in the top right-hand corner of your screen and select ‘Integrations’ from the side panel.

  2. On the integrations page, enable the ‘Microsoft Azure’ integration, then select ‘Microsoft 365’, on the left side panel:

4. From here, select ‘Connect with Microsoft’, where you will be prompted to sign-in with your Microsoft email in order to link your organization’s Go1 Platform and Microsoft Account:

5. Select ‘Accept’ to agree to the requested permissions:

The last permission in the list, ‘Read and write items in external datasets’, is the permission related to the Microsoft Search integration specifically. The remaining permissions are related to the Go1 Learning app for Microsoft Teams. Click here to learn more about what these permissions mean.

6. Once you are successfully connected, you will see this confirmation. You can now pass on the next steps to the Go1 Platform Administrator:

Go1 Platform Administrator

  1. Once the Microsoft Global Administrator within your organization has completed all of the above steps, you are now in a position to export your selected content to Sharepoint,, and Bing.

  2. Before you export, you will need to identify which content to transfer over; you can use the Go1 Content Selector to perform this action. You have the ability to resources from the Go1 Content Hub and Marketplace content.

3. Once you have selected your content to export, navigate back to the ‘Graph Connector Export’ tab in the Microsoft 365 Integration as per Step 3, and select ‘Export’:

4. Once you have exported the contents of your library, your Microsoft Search Admin can now view and configure the connector and schema within Microsoft Search.

5. Click here to access part 2 of Setting up the Go1 Microsoft Search integration.

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