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Integrate with the Go1 API
Integrate with the Go1 API

Learn how to create a developer's app in your Go1 Platform

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This guide outlines how to set up a developer's app on Go1.

The developer's app will generate your API keys, which comprise of a client_id, secret and callback_url. You can use your API keys to authenticate with Go1 and make requests to the API.


  1. As an Administrator within a Go1 Platform, select your avatar, then Integrations from the menu.

2. From the navigation within Integrations, select Developers.

3. Tap + Create App

4. Enter your App Name, and Callback URL.

5. Select the Create Application button.

6. You'll see a newly created app appear containing a set of API keys; client_id, secret and callback_url.

7. Congratulations, you're ready to use your developer app!

Have questions? Reach out to our friendly 24/7 support team through the live chat, or see Go1 Developers for further technical details on the Go1 API.


1. Go1 uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization. Check out our Auth Guides.

2. See the API Reference for the list of API Endpoints available.

3. See the Developer Docs for our complete integration guides.

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