The aim of this guide is to walk through how to set up a private developer's app in your Go1 Platform.

The developer's app will generate your API keys, which comprise of a client_id, secret and callback_url. You can use your API keys to authenticate with Go1 and make requests to the API.


  1. As an Administrator within a Go1 Platform, select your avatar, then Integrations from the menu.

2. From the navigation within Integrations, select Developers.

3. Tap + Create App

4. Enter your App Name, and Callback URL.

5. Select the Create Application button.

6. You'll see a newly created app appear containing a set of API keys; client_id, secret and callback_url.

7. Congratulations, you're ready to use your developer app!

Have questions? Reach out to our friendly 24/7 support team through the live chat, or see the Go1 developer hub for further technical details on the Go1 API.

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