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Single Sign-On FAQ
Single Sign-On FAQ

Have a question about SSO? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

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The Go1 platform allows for the customer to set up a Single Sign-On connection. Using SSO, the customer can control who can and can’t access their Go1 platform as well as improve ease of access for their users.

The Go1 team will guide the customer through the set-up in Go1 though, given the variety of identity providers and security concerns, we expect the customer to provide a technical expert who will execute the set-up on the customers' systems.


What SSO types do you support?

  • SAML (most providers can connect using SAML)

  • Direct w. Azure

What attributes does a customer need to send?

Please note ALL below attributes need to be set up even though there is some duplication.

What does Go1 use as a unique identifier?

Email address (See Go1 help article about updating email addresses)

Does Go1 support Just-In-Time (JIT) provisioning?

Yes, in fact, it is enabled by default for all connections but can be disabled via the Go1 platform under Settings > Configuration.

Does Go1 support System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) provisioning?

Not currently available

Does Go1 support Identity Provider (IdP) initiated SSO?

Yes, this will be an option on the SSO set-up page of your Go1 platform when you set up the connection.

How do I set up an SSO connection?

You will need to have an admin account on your Go1 platform, please speak to your system administrator to get set up. From there, you can follow the steps in the appropriate guide.

Can I remove the login with email option and force users to log in with SSO?

Yes, after SSO is configured, you will have the ability to hide the login with email option via your Go1 platform under Settings > Configuration.

Please note, in some instances, custom configuration may be required on Go1’s authorisation platform Auth0. When the SSO configuration page on your Go1 platform is saved, it wipes all configurations which could lead to the SSO connection being disabled. Please speak to your CSM or Go1 support before making changes to your SSO once set up.

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