What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure Seamless SSO automatically signs users in when they are on corporate devices connected to a corporate network. When enabled, users will not need to enter in their passwords, or in most cases their username, to sign in to Go1. 

IMPORTANT: To enable single sign on with Azure, you need to have Adminstrator access on your organisation's Microsoft account. If you don't, you will need to ask your Microsoft Administrator to complete the connection (check with your IT Support Team to find out who this is).

To enable single sign on with Microsoft Azure for your portal, firstly configure your portal to use the new Go1 sign in page, by navigating to 'Settings' under the 'User' Icon at the top of the page

Scroll to the bottom of 'Portal Information' and enter https://yourportalurl/user/login e.g. https://steuberrueckervan.mygo1.com/user/login and select 'Save Changes'.

Sign out to see the new changes applied to your portal. Be sure to check the positoning of your logo to ensure it still fits in the area provided. 

Then, sign in again and navigate to the 'User' Icon at the top of the page and select Integrations.

Locate Microsoft Azure from the list of Add-ons and move the toggle from ‘Off’ to ‘On’.

This will enable the Microsoft Azure tab on the right hand side of the page.

Select the tab and click ‘Connect with Microsoft Azure’ and your learners will be presented with the option to 'Log in with Microsoft'.

You will then be direct to Microsoft Azure login page where you can login.

Enter your user name and password to connect your account. 

If you are not an Administrator for your organisation's Microsoft account, you will see this screen.
You administrator can click the first link to complete the connection. 

Once the connection is established, all users will see an option to log in with Microsoft Azure. They can do this by using their own Microsoft account details. 

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