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How to create a Webhook
How to create a Webhook

This article is for Go1 Partners who wish to set up webhooks to pull completion data to wherever their customers need, via Partner Hub.

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The Enrolment Complete Webhook fires near real-time notifications anytime your learners complete Go1 content. Completions of Go1 content are an important proof point for your customers. It is the most efficient, accurate method of capturing of Go1 completions.

Go1's completion webhooks ensure that regardless of your integrations' method for playing content, you are notified of all captured completions.

  • One-time set up · Set up once for all portals in one go, with no need for extra tooling like SCORM. Just make sure your child portals are connected.

  • Save time with efficient, real-time updates · Always receive accurate, real-time completion data in one place.

  • Control what you see · Choose what unique information is received to your system against completion data, to align with your reporting needs and system preferences.


To configure a webhook, navigate to Webhooks, click on +Add webhook and add the information required from the webhook. Learn more about specific configuration for enrolment complete webhooks here.

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