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How to share a bundle with your customers
How to share a bundle with your customers

This article is for Go1 Partners who wish to share bundles of learning content to their customer portals via the Partner Hub.

Updated over a week ago

To manage what content a customer portal has access to, click on ‘All portals’, click on the ellipsis (…) and select ‘Manage bundle’.

This will display a full list of content bundles available to the portal. You can then select which bundles to assign to this portal. If you leave this blank, the portal will not have access to any content.

Disclaimer: The content in bundles do not have any specific ordering when being consumed by a learner. Check out this article on Playlists to understand how to curate learning resources in a consecutive order.

To refine the selection of content further, save your changes and then select Manage content.

It shows a list of every course available from the bundles selected in the previous step. Click on the checkboxes beside the course you would like to add to/remove from the portals library to refine the selection.

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