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Searching Effectively
Searching Effectively

A guide to discovering content that meets your learning needs

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Finding the right learning content in a vast library can be daunting. Our search tool is designed to make this process intuitive and efficient, ensuring that you easily find content that aligns with your specific learning objectives. This guide will help you navigate our search features to quickly and effectively discover the content you need.

Starting Your Search

Keyword or Question Search: Begin by entering a keyword or a question related to the content you are looking for. Our search tool is optimized to understand and respond to a wide range of queries. Here’s a sample of queries to use:

  • Looking for content for a specific role? Try “What should I learn as a sales manager?”

  • Not sure what skills you need? Try “What skills and methodologies should I learn in product management”

  • Start with a topic or skill area, “decision-making"

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Using Suggested Searches: For additional guidance, select from one of the suggested searches that appear as you type. These suggestions are tailored to help you find what you're looking for more quickly.

Refining Search Results

Once you have your initial results:

  • Utilize Filters: Refine your search results using the available filters. You can narrow down the results based on criteria such as topic, duration, difficulty level, and more.

  • Leverage Go1 AI Suggestions: Go1 AI will suggest skills relevant to your query, helping you focus your search on the most pertinent content.

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Previewing and Comparing Content

To ensure the content meets your needs:

  • Preview Content Items: Click on any content item to preview it. This gives you a deeper understanding of what the content entails and how it aligns with your learning goals.

  • Compare Content: You have the option to compare up to three content items simultaneously. This feature is invaluable for quickly evaluating which content best suits your learning requirements.

Streamlining Your Search

For a more targeted search:

  • Hide Already Added Content: You can choose to hide results that have already been added to your library. This helps in focusing on uncovering new content options.

  • Explore Curated Playlists: View relevant playlists curated by Go1's content team or our content partners. These playlists are a convenient way to add a comprehensive range of content to your library in one go.

Adding Content to Your Library

Once you've identified the perfect item or playlist simply click 'Add to Library' to include your chosen content or playlist in your learning offerings. This makes it immediately accessible to learners in your portal.

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