Manage access to the Go1 Content Library

Browse, identify, and share resources effectively using the Go1 Content Dashboard, so your learners always access the most relevant content.

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The Go1 Content Dashboard enables you as the administrator more visibility and control over your library subscription so you can browse, curate, and push training to your learners right within the Go1 Platform.

If you are looking for instructions on how to use the Content Dashboard to export courses to host in your own LMS, click here.

Full access

1. Access the Content Dashboard by clicking on your name or picture in the top right-hand corner, and select Content.

2. To provide your learners full access to the Go1 Content Hub from within Explore, you only need to enable the “auto-add” feature. You can select to auto-add both individual learning Content, as well as Playlists.

Enabling both toggles will also ensure that your learners have immediate access to newly published courses and playlists as they are added to Go1 Premium.

Limited access

If you wish to be more prescriptive in what you share with learners, you can disable the auto-add to my library option and then add specific courses and playlists to your Go1 Platform by:

  1. Applying specific filters for content you wish to add, select Add all results to My library, and then Yes, please to confirm.

  2. Add specific filters, press the Select All checkbox, then deselect any courses you do not wish to add. Then, choose the button Add selection to... and then click My library.

  3. Select the checkboxes for the specific courses you wish to add, click Add selection to... and then chooose My library.

Top Tips

  • You can freely switch between “auto-add on” and “auto-add off” without erasing prior curated selections.

  • Whether you choose to show the full Content Hub or a curated selection, only resources that have been enabled in the Content Dashboard will surface in 3rd party integrations such as Microsoft Search.

  • If you turn ON the switcher "Auto-add all to My library" -> "Content/Playlist" or "Auto-add all resources to My library (Free/Paid)", then you are unable to add/ remove items manually from the content library.

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