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Managing Your Library
Managing Your Library

A guide to organizing and optimizing your Go1 learning content

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As a Learning Admin, efficiently managing your library in Go1 is crucial for providing an effective and streamlined learning experience to your learners. This guide provides you with the steps and tools necessary to manage your library content within Go1 Admin effectively.

Navigating the Library Tab

In Go1 Admin, click on the 'Library' tab. Here you will find a complete list of curated content that has been selected from Go1's extensive library and added to your organization's library. This content is what your learners have access to in their portal.

Searching and Filtering Your Library

You can easily search for a specific item in your library using the search bar. Additionally, use filters to narrow down your search based on specific criteria, making it easier to find what you're looking for.

Removing Content

If you need to remove content from your library, you can do so by clicking on an item to remove it individually. Alternatively, for efficiency, select multiple items and remove them all at once.

If your LMS / HRIS is integrated with Go1 and set up for content removals, the items you remove from the Library will also be removed in your 3rd party system. Please ensure you do not have active enrolments before removing content.

Exporting Content for Non-Integrated 3rd Party Systems

For administrators who do not have an integration syncing content between Go1 and their HRIS or LMS, you have the option to export content by downloading a CSV file. This file contains SCORM wrappers and metadata for the content.

Once downloaded, this file can then be uploaded to your third-party system. This process enables your learners to access the content through the system they are accustomed to.

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