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Introduction to Reporting
Introduction to Reporting

An introduction into reporting features

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How to get the most out of Reporting

Centrally track progress and completion data

  • All enrolment and completion data is centrally accessible by Administrators, whether learning has been engaged with in the Go1 Platform, Microsoft Teams, or Microsoft Search.

  • 'Managers' in the system are enabled to view and report on their team’s data, to offer choice and align to your operating model.

Configure reports to meet your needs

  • Turn data into insights with Configuration. Whether you wish to view data in pie chart, histogram, or heat map, there is a configuration for everyone.

  • If you prefer to perform more complex data analysis, you can simply export the raw data. (.CSV)

Always report in real-time

  • No need to re-generate reports to see the most up to date data. Each time you jump into the Platform, you are always presented with the most up to date data.

Simple to share with everyone inside (and outside) the Go1 Platform

  • Simply save reports for users to view inside the Platform or generate a share link (refer to this guide) for those outside the system.

  • Screen grab the reports to pull them straight into your method of reporting.

How to use Reporting

Your Go1 Platform's Administration section contains a series reports, displaying different data points that can then be configured and exported by you.

  • Users shows all of the users on your Go1 Platform by name, email address, role, status, date of creation, and date of last access. 

  • Enrollments shows enrollments completed in this Go1 Platform by name of the learner, their email address, the title of the enrolled object (course/module/learning item), the status of that enrollment, and start and end dates. 

  • Courses report shows all company courses on your Go1 Platform by name, description, privacy, author and take (Go1 Content Hub and marketplace courses will not be visible for editing by you, you can only edit the courses you create).

  • Events report shows all events on your Go1 Platform by name, courses they are contained in, dates, addresses, costs, capacities, and seats available.

  • Awards report shows all awards on your Go1 Platform by name, status, credit amounts, number of courses contained, tags, and expiry and creation dates.

  • Learning Items report shows all resources or learning items on your Go1 Platform by name, type, description, privacy and author.

  • Groups report shows all groups on your Go1 Platform by name, status and description.

Extra fields can be included in a report by click on Config within that report.

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