Your portal's administration section contains a series of tabs with reports displaying different data points relating to your portal.

  • The users report shows all users on your portal by name, email address, role, status, date of creation and date of last access. 
  • The enrollments report shows enrollments to the portal by name, email, the title of the enrolled object (course/module/quiz), progress status and dates. 
  • The courses report shows all company courses on your portal by name, description, privacy, author and take (marketplace courses will not be visible for editing by third parties, you can only edit the courses you create).
  • The events report shows all events on your portal by name, courses they are contained in, dates, addresses, costs, capacities and seats available.
  • The awards report shows all awards on your portal by name, status, credit amounts, number of courses contained, tags, and expiry and creation dates.
  • The learning items report shows all resources or learning items on your portal by name, type, description, privacy and author.
  • The groups report shows all groups on your portal by name, status and description.

Extra fields can be included in a report by click on 'Config' in that report's page.

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